Absences and Illnesses

Our gates open at 7:50am with registers in classroom  at 8:00am (Secondary) 8:30am (Primary)

If you child is ill or going to be late, please let the office know by 8:20am at the latest, by calling the office on 02380 772968 or using the StudyBugs application https://studybugs.com/signin.

Leave of absence will only be granted in “EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES” which is at the discretion of Mrs Sutton, Head of School.

If your child has a cough or cold, as a school we are more than happy to administer Calpol during the school day if it means that children can be in school day rather than absent. If you wish to do this, please bring the medicine in to the Office and complete a form. Please do not send your child in to school with medicines including Calpol sachets in their book bag for them to administer themselves. If it is a liquid medicine, please ensure that you provide a spoon or syringe otherwise it cannot be administered.

To help you decide if, and when, your child should remain off school, a simple guide has been produced for a number of the most common illnesses, which can be found at:

Thank you for your cooperation and support with this.