Community Lettings : Edu-Lettings

Edu-Lettings are pleased to announce that we have gained the contract to manage the community lettings and our booking system is now live for bookings from 1st September 2023.

At Edu-Lettings, our overall aim is to allow schools to make the most of their facilities and help provide local communities with access to sport, education, and leisure opportunities.

Please visit for further information about placing bookings at St Marks C of E School.

You can also view more about Edu-Lettings and what we do by watching following video:

Or for guidance on how to book:

Thank you for continuing to support St Marks C of E School and we are excited to have you and your group on site, doing what you love! Should you have any issues with your booking please call 033 3102 0303 or send a message through your online account.