Our Visions and Values


St Mark's C of E School is to be a place where students acquire the knowledge and skills to become confident, resilient, lifelong learners who can contribute to the world they live in. Through our core Christian values of love, service and belonging students will be supported by the whole community, to achieve excellence.


One School

St Mark’s CE All Through School will be one whole school community. We will create a sense of belonging for all who enter our school. Our school will be a safe place for those who learn and work here.

Relationships between staff and students and high expectations of behaviour and conduct will be the key to the success of our school.

Our ethos of nurture, high standards and expectations will be modelled through the school by excellent staff. Taught in age appropriate year groups, students will be given the opportunity to benefit from shared facilities and interaction with each other. Primary aged students will have the opportunity to have access to facilities which are not normally available in primary schools. Younger students will have older students as mentors and role models to enhance their school experience. Secondary phase students will have opportunities to develop skills in leadership and mentoring of younger students. 

Knowledgeable leaders will ensure our school safely serves the whole community. Staff will belong to the whole school, not just one part of it. Teachers will have a specialist age range or subject but will be a full member of the whole school team. Support staff will be deployed across the whole school based on matching their skills to the needs of individual students.

Serving All

St Mark’s C of E School will be an inclusive school, which will serve the community of Southampton. As a Church of England School, our values are underpinned by the teachings and example of Jesus. Jesus teaches us to 'love your neighbour as you love yourself'. We will put our students at the centre of our School by supporting them all irrespective of background, nationality, religion, gender or educational need to achieve high standards of education and behaviour. We will serve the students' families, working in partnership, supporting and encouraging them to work with us for the benefit of the students. 

As a Church of England School we will expect our students to understand the purpose of serving others, through both our daily actions and through more sustained work helping those locally, nationally and internationally. Leaders of the school will create a culture where every member of the School community can thrive and flourish.

Through Excellence

At St Mark’s C of E School we will expect excellence from everyone. This means that leaders will seek to find the most appropriate innovative practice from national and international sources. Leaders will expect the best from the staff and students across the school, and support them to achieve. All staff, in partnership with parents and the wider community, will be expected to give their best at all times to ensure excellent future outcomes for students. Our students will make excellent progress from the moment they arrive at our school. Everyone in the School community will respect and honour one another in the way they look, speak and act.  We will teach students at St Mark's our high expectations and work with students and families who need additional support with this.