Home Learning

Home Learning

Home learning requires a consistent approach and a progressive development from year to year. In this way, we will provide students with the opportunity to develop an excellent approach to home learning through each phase, developing their knowledge as well as their learning skills and habits. For the learner, and for the learning itself, home learning is incredibly powerful. For staff, students and parents it is the way in which connection takes place to ensure a home-school partnership in which all students can thrive. Though the actual home learning experience will vary hugely across phases (Early Years to Key Stage Four) and indeed across subjects, some of our agreed teaching and learning principles are below will be incorporated into home learning as they are all learning in school, to enable our pupils to develop and retain a secure foundation of knowledge and lasting connections.

⮚       Sequences of learning over time are broken down into small, manageable steps to prevent the working memory being overloaded and ensure that firm foundations of substantive knowledge are developed

⮚       Retrieval practice is an integral part of every lesson in order to strengthen and recall previous learning to ensure the foundations are there before moving on.

⮚    Guided and independent practice - pupils should be given time to practise what has been modelled through worked examples.  Time should be taken here to question pupils on their understanding and address misconceptions that may arise.  Time for independent practice should be provided in order for the skills and knowledge to become automatic.

  St Mark's CE School Homework Policy